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How often have you thought, “Geez, I should really get that chipped tooth fixed.” Or, “Hmmm, my teeth are really getting yellow.” If these thoughts have been plaguing your mind recently, and you can’t think of a good reason to put it off any longer, then the next thing to do is find a good cosmetic dentist.

Find a cosmetic dentist with experience. If they’ve had a good amount of patients that they’ve helped, they may have a “smile gallery” to look through. That is a good way to see their skill. You can also ask them whether they have been trained in any specialties, have extra certifications, ongoing education they have pursued, etc. And, don’t forget that you can always ask for an interview and free evaluation.

Then, be sure to find out which procedures they are able to do. Not every dentist offers every dental procedure option. This is where an evaluation is also good. Once you sit down with a dentist and go over the dental issues you want fixed, they can tell you what your options are, and if something is beyond their skill. For instance, you may want something done that is under the purview of an orthodontist, or a periodontist, rather than a general dentist.

Lastly, take advantage of the modern age and read online reviews about the cosmetic dentist you are interested in. Previous patients can let you know if they are good, or if there is a problem. Also, many dentists these days have their own websites that have much of this information. You’re reading one now!

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