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Replacing missing teeth is important because if you fail to replace all teeth that are supposed to be in your mouth, any voids left behind can become safe zones for bacteria to collect. Missing teeth can also cause your jawbone to weaken and destabilize, which can cause tooth slippage and allow other nearby teeth to begin to move out of position. Your jaw structure may also sink in and make your face appear more aged and worn down than it should. To reverse these issues, seek out reliable tooth replacements. Listed below are common questions regarding tooth replacement treatments:

What are the most common types of tooth replacements?
Dentures are temporary tooth replacements that can be used to replace missing teeth with a reliable and detachable prosthetic. For a permanent prosthetic, dental implants and dental bridges can be used. Whereas dental implants are directly attached to your jawbone, dental bridges are anchored to nearby teeth.

What are some of the biggest risk factors associated with failing to replace missing teeth?
If missing teeth are not repaired, it can lead to issues with your oral health, a weakened jawbone, a sunken in dental profile, poor oral hygiene risks, gum destabilization and issues associated with tooth slippage.

What are the benefits of replacing teeth?
You can help restore lost functions to your smile that may be associated with missing teeth. By replacing missing teeth, you can help restore issues with your speech, chewing, eating, bite stability and spacing risks.

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