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Do you think about keeping your smile safe from gum disease? If not, then perhaps you should! Gum disease is a threat to your smile and can cause serious oral health problems from tooth loss to even bone loss.

Our dentist, Dr. Stephen M. Dang, understands gum disease. That is why our team at Main Street Dental in Alhambra, California, is here to help you understand more about gum disease.

Here is a list of general information on gum disease:
– Gum disease can cause problems such as persistent bad breath, bleeding and swollen gums, tooth loss, and even bone loss in your jaw.
– Gum disease is an oral health condition and infection that roots deep in your gums, which is the tissue surrounding your teeth.
– Plaque, which is terrible bacteria that sticks to your teeth and gums after you eat and can seep into your gums that generates gum disease.
– There is usually no pain with gum disease, which is why most people do not know they have it until serious problems occur.
– The leading cause of tooth loss in grown adults is caused by gum disease.

If you need help keeping your smile safe from gum disease or if you need help to conquer it, please call our office today at 626-281-1536 to make an appointment. Our team looks forward to helping you with your questions and concerns about your smile.