Dr. Stephen M. Dang and our team are thrilled to provide high-quality dental care in Alhambra, California, and as you can see from our reviews, we take the time to deliver customized, compassionate service for patients of all ages. You are welcome to contact Main Street Dental today with any questions, and to schedule your appointment with our dentist.

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5 stars
“This is a great Dental Office, Dr Dang isvery nice, and very gentle. I got referred to this Dentist by 1-800-Dental. Everyone in this office is so nice and professional. . Their open on Saturdays which is wonderful.”
– Joann R.

5 stars
“Excellent service w the staff and doctor very gentle and thorough”
– Erin L.

5 stars
“Dr. Dang is by far my favorite dentist. I’ve been coming here for many years and will continue to for as long as insurance allows. If you have anxiety; if you’re afraid of dentists/doctors; if you don’t want to be blindsided by costs… please give this place a try.

I was referred to Dr. Dang by my brother who had avoided dentists for half his life.. as expected, he needed tons of work and was terrified of the pain, but he reported that the cumulative experience was not bad at all. I made my own appointment and found this to be true as well. I was pleasantly surprised that, like another reviewer commented, he spent a considerable amount of time examining my actual teeth, asking lots of questions about my dental history then comparing it all to the x-rays before him. He was very engaged and attentive to my fears, giving me a numbing shot at any hint of pain. It was completely unexpected, and made this visit the polar opposite of what I was used to from experience. You will not get the plastic-y, fake customer service here. Dr. Dang is genuinely a good person–by nature very patient, relaxed and personable.

I have since referred other family, friends and co-workers, and am happy to report everyone loves him. Coming here is like visiting family. Liz, the office manager, is very sweet. She will give you a breakdown estimate if you request it from Dr. Dang prior to treatment so you know what to expect. There are payment options that can save you loads of money even if you don’t have insurance (I take my parents here and they do not have insurance). I always think about the day Dr. Dang retires, what will I ever do then…?”
– Lauren L.

5 stars
“I’ve been coming here for all of my dental needs since I was a kid. I used to get a lot of cavities during high school and college… so I was coming in for a lot of fillings and x-rays. I used to hate coming because I knew I would probably have another cavity. Totally my fault for being a dumb kid. Now that I am older and slightly wiser, I take better care of my teeth and actually floss! I am more regular with my 6 month cleanings with their hygienist, Silviya. She is very gentle and explains everything during your cleaning. I used to have extremely sensitive sensitive teeth from brushing too hard but that has gone away and my gum recession has stabilized.

Dr. Dang is very experienced and thorough with his work. He will give you various treatment options and thinks of what is best for his patients. Dr. Dang has been at this location for over 30 years and has a loyal patient base. I like the “old school” feel to the practice but he is up to date on his technology. I find it pretty cool that he can take an x-ray and show me the x-ray immediately after. I remember when it used to be developed in a dark room before. BTW, if ever given the option of getting the shot or not, get it. I don’t like getting shots, but I would recommend the shot versus feeling any pain of drilling. Just don’t eat any soups or noodles after because your floppy lips and tongue won’t be able to hold on to the food. I made that mistake once and was mad I couldn’t eat my Golden Deli pho after my appointment lol.

Liz the receptionist is always fun to catch up with when I come in. It’s like seeing family members every time I come in. Parking is easy, just street park right in front of the office, which is a pink Spanish-style building, hard to miss. If there for some reason is no street parking there is a lot down the driveway behind the building.”
– Jennifer D.

5 stars
“I love Dr. Dang’s office! I had been looking for a new dentist for years and this one’s a keeper. I found out about him from Yelp! and decided to give him a try and was thoroughly impressed. Dr. Dang himself is very nice and soft spoken, he does not try to push expensive treatments or fillings on his patients, he will actually suggest a less expensive treatment if he thinks it will work better. And his staff is great too, the two ladies at the front desk are very sweet and engaging, my dental technician is Cindy and she is very thorough but also very gentle and patient (I have senstivie teeth).
I used to live in Alhambra but have since moved (I’ve been visiting Dr. Dang for a year and a half) but I won’t change dentists. Luckily Dr. Dang has Saturday hours so I just schedule all my appointments for early in the morning and never have to wait at all. I’ve convinced my husband to go to Dr. Dang and he also says that this is the best dentist’s office he’s ever been to. I’m trying to convince my parents to make the switch too.

The office is actually a converted house from like the 1920’s which makes it very homey. You can park in the street or drive down their steep little driveway to the lot in the back-keep in mind if you do that you will have to hike up the hill a tiny bit to the front of the office.

this is a great office!”
– Vanessa M.