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If you are a longtime tobacco user, you may have already experienced the injurious effects from this unhealthy habit. Not only does it impact your lungs and body, but your smile as well. For example, longtime tobacco use reduces necessary blood flow to the gums along with vitamin C absorption. And that’s a problem. You see, your oral tissues rely on healthy vitamin C levels to remain in good health. Additionally, when you smoke you raise your oral temperature which kills vital cells.

Still, here are other reasons why you should consider giving up your tobacco habit:

  •         Smoking tobacco leads to oral cancer and oral lesions.
  •         Smoking tobacco leads to periodontal (or gum) disease.
  •         Smoking tobacco leads to unsightly stains on the teeth and tongue.
  •         Smoking tobacco leads to gum recession.
  •         Smoking tobacco affects healing, it slows it down. This can lower healing after oral surgery or periodontal therapy.

But did you know that smokeless tobacco isn’t any less dangerous? Unfortunately, chewing or dipping tobacco also leads to gum disease, tooth stains, halitosis, tooth enamel erosion, a loss of supportive jaw bone material, the decay of exposed tooth roots, and ultimately, tooth loss. If you want to avoid finding yourself having trouble biting, chewing, or speaking properly, we strongly urge you to give up your smoking habit.

We are here to support your smoking cessation in any way we can. At Main Street Dental we want to help you fight the effects of tobacco use on your oral health. We encourage you to find a smoking cessation program that can help you, and see our dentist, Dr. Stephen M. Dang in Alhambra, California, for the help you need for your smile. Give up tobacco and take your smile back! Just call 626-281-1536 today.